Concrete pump truck on the jobsite   Concrete Pump Truck pouring a residential basement   Concrete Pump Truck in action


Company: Twin City Concrete Pumping

Location of Project: Blaine, MN

Application: Residential Subdivision Build

Products used: 

  • Schwing 36M pump with ConForms TW325 Boom System.
  • Conforms 3.5” tip hose with a Fabric Air Cuff as a shut off tool.

This Twin City Concrete pumping project is part of a large ongoing residential subdivision build. Twin City Concrete has been working on projects with this developer for several years and, as shown, is pumping a new residential basement wall. A team using a Schwing 36M pump combined with Con Forms W325 Boom System can pour between one and four basements a day.

Residential pours are a key market for the Twin City team, and they complete them quickly and efficiently. In addition to the boom system, they are using Con Forms 3.5” tip hose that allows for increased maneuverability and flexibility for the finishing crew. These products help teams focus on job site safety and cleanliness. Also, in use here is Con Forms Fabric Air Cuff, which allows the operator to relocate the tip hose around the job site with little to no mess, making for less waste and a cleaner job site. 

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