St. John’s North Tower Expansion

Gordy’s Concrete Pumping poured in the dense fog on September 10, 2019 at the North Tower
Expansion Project at St. John’s on the Lake, a retirement community well known in Milwaukee.
This project is a 22-story east side housing tower expansion which will alter the city’s skyline. The tower is expected to open in the spring of 2020 with around 170 new housing units. The $123 million tower will replace a three-story building at St. John’s that provides 50 nursing beds and 24 assisted living apartments.

Throughout the North Tower Expansion Project, Gordy’s utilized Con Forms high-rise pipe & accessories, laydown systems, and an 18-3 Spider Placer.  The high-rise pipe and couplings are the highest pressure-rated and most dependable components in the industry, with working pressure up to 300 bar for the extremely high-pressure pumping up the 22 story tower.  Our expert staff worked with Gordy’s in the planning phase to engineer the best laydown system for the job, making daily pumps and cleanout as efficient as possible.  With the addition of the tower boom equipped with CF pipe, Gordy’s also used the 18-3 Spider Placer as an extension to reach all areas of the mat when pouring the foundation.

We are proud to support this project with one of our top customers in our home city, and look forward to seeing the completed project in 2020.