Safely prepare your concrete delivery line components for optimized pumping performance

This specially formulated commercial primer from Con Forms prepares the inside walls of your steel pipes, elbows, reducers, and rubber hoses for today’s harsh concrete pumping mix designs. It coats the surface of the inside wall with a super-slick membrane layer that the day’s first batch of concrete glides over when initially filling the entire line, preventing power-robbing friction from creating early blockages or material build-up.

Prepare for your long day of harsh mixes delivered by late cement mixer trucks by starting everything right by sliming the insides of your pipeline with the engineered coating that works.


By pre-coating the walls of the pipeline components with a wet, slippery, and clingy film, the drier components of the concrete mix that initially move through the pipe are not able to penetrate and make contact with the pipe wall. By avoiding this high-friction contact, the mix moves smoothly through the pipes and sets up the pumping flow that will be needed for the rest of the day. Eventually, the concrete mix will replace the PRIME TIME PLUS  layer with its own mortar-based boundary layer.


  • Prepares pipeline components for concrete pumping
  • Eventually replaced by the mortar portion of a pumpable concrete mix
  • Prevents the formation of new delivery line blockages or build-up of material
  • Helps prevent early pump job issues like hose whippings
  • Decreases internal pipeline wear for longer-lasting pressure control capability
  • Single dose packets sized for the right amount needed for each standard boom truck
  • Easy to prepare instructions. Quick mixing with water prepares a full dose in minutes.
  • Sold in 5-gallon buckets of 60 bags for easy supply transport and mixing container
  • The cost of a primer dose is a small fraction of what you can charge for the service of priming the equipment in preparation for the Ready-Mix supplier
  • Supplies to prime: 1 packet of PRIME TIME PLUS, 5 gallons of water, one bucket to mix in, and 1-2 sponge balls
  • Works for all pipeline components, from steel pipes, elbows, and reducers to rubber hoses and gaskets
  • Works on all makes and models of concrete pumping equipment
  • Universally accepted method for priming out


  • PTPLUS-BAG: PRIME TIME PLUS BAG (Single dose bag contains 8oz.)
  • PTPLUS: PRIME TIME PLUS PAIL W/60 – 8oz. BAGS/PAIL (Bucket of PRIME TIME PLUS contains 60 – 8oz. bags)


PRIME TIME PLUS is very easy to use.

  1. Fill the supplied 5-gallon bucket with water.
  2. Empty the bag of mix into the water slowly while mixing with a drill auger blade.
  3. After a few minutes, check the consistency of the 5 gallons. When ready, the material should slide between your fingers.
  4. Add a water-soaked sponge ball in both the backend 6” elbow and beginning of the swingout elbow, attach/clamp-in-place the swing out elbow, add the mix into the port on the swingout elbow, begin slowly pumping to advance the priming mix.
  5. As it advances, the wet sponge ball will help wet the inside wall as well as spread the PRIME TIME PLUS mix.


  • For use with properly sized sponge balls on any concrete pumping pipeline
  • Best if mixed and used as instructed