Con Forms is proud to announce a new industrial safety helmet that is the first of its kind in North America. The revolutionary Con Forms SHK-1 by Studson is the most innovative industrial safety helmet available. Designed specifically for the industrial trades, the SHK-1 utilizes cutting-edge head protection components used in gravity sports, but never before applied to an industrial safety helmet.

There are numerous innovative parts that make up the safety helmet. Koroyd® welded tubes crumple instantly on impact to absorb maximum force which protects the skull and brain from direct angled impacts and increases breathability. The uniquely designed helmet pad system significantly reduces the sharp twisting and compression of the brain during angled or oblique impacts which are the primary cause of concussions. The pads are easily replaceable and can be washed and reused. An integrated chip based on NFC technology is included that stores emergency contacts and critical medical information to allow first responders to access vital data when seconds matter.

Innovation also meets design in this cutting-edge helmet. The helmet comes with a modular rear brim designed for rain deflection. It is also vented for increased breathability. A 4-point chin strap and magnetic buckle system hold the helmet in place even during a fall and allows for maximum adjustability and easy one-handed use with gloves. The sleek design blends elements from traditional hard hat heritage with comfort and innovation.

Sizes range from Medium to XL and include several convenient accessories to make time on the job site safer.

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