Ensure job safety and increased convenience with the Con Forms Safety Hose Skid Pan.

Keep your concrete pumping as safe as possible with the aid of a concrete hose skid. Industry clamps, when not used properly, could inadvertently open while the line is pressurized causing a potential safety issue. The skid pan will slide over rebar and other surfaces to protect the coupling from damage or accidental disengagement. The skid pan will also protect your couplings and hoses from premature wear due to being moved over rough surfaces.

Lighten the load and decrease employee fatigue using the two handles built into the concrete hose disc – this encourages your team to share the load. Your team may not know exactly how much it weighs, but I am sure they can feel it when it is time to re-position the hose. Did you know the average weight of concrete is 150lbs/cubic foot? In a typical 3” hose, the “Filled with Concrete Weight” (FWC) is 9.9lbs/ft. Even on a “good” job with the pump only 40’ from point of placement, that hose could weigh over 400lbs.

Pouring concrete is a tough job even in the best conditions. It makes sense to use every tool at your disposal to complete the job as safely and efficiently as possible. Adding Con Forms LH-54 Hose Skid/Disc (“Turtles”) to your pumping rig will pay off quickly.

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