Inspect your hose for signs of wear BEFORE pumping

Every time you connect a hose to pump concrete, it is a good idea to look inside for signs of wear. This quick visual inspection could save you a lot of costly downtime, unforeseen accidents, and prevent a serious injury.

In this photo you can see the inner liner of the hose is worn and damaging the exposed reinforcement of the hose. This damage will create a weak spot that may not hold the pressure of the concrete pump if the line plugs; a costly rupture in the hose could occur.

Careful inspection of the hose body on your concrete pumping hoses can also help prevent an accident or serious injury.  If you see rings in the metal of the hose body, it is most likely the barbs on the hose body that hold the rubber to the metal. If you see these rings, the metal is too thin and the hose needs to be taken out of service and discarded.

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Images of inner wall wear inside of a hose.