Conforms optimized 2 inch nozzle
CONFORMS Air-CuffTM in action

CONFORMS New optimized 2” nozzle design is a high performance option for the Small-Line customer. After listening to our customer’s the expert technical team at CONFORMS went to work to develop an easy to handle, assemble, robust, and highly economical series of high quality shotcrete products.  The first of several sizes to be released is the 2” nozzle, which comes with a hi-velocity tip as well as ready to plug-in hardware.

CONFORMS Air-CuffTM for Small-Line customers is a lightweight (<7lbs.), safe, simple to install and durable hose shut-off valve for 1.5” through 3” diameter hoses that increase operator mobility while offering manual or wireless control of concrete flow. Proven over the years for the big-pumpers and now available for Small-Line customers.