CF Technology

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Con Forms is the only concrete pipe manufacturer in the U.S. with a complete in-house metallurgical lab. Our expert Metallurgist uses the latest scientific tools and technology to identify material and treatment inconsistencies and thus is able to develop the most safe and consistent concrete placing pipe and systems in the industry. 

Pipe Hardness


The hardness of pipe and hardness under weld values are tests performed with specialized equipment that precisely measures how far a given load will indent a diamond tip tool of specified size into the pipe. This test will closely predict the lifetime value of the pipe.

Heat Treating


Heat treating is a process by which steel pipe is heated and cooled in a highly regulated and scientific process that ensures the pipe is hardened to a specific degree for maximum abrasion resistance. 

High-Tech Welding

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This isn’t garage shop welding. All welders are taught how to make strong weldments, and the more proficient ones will become experienced with the special processes required for welding the more exotic steels.


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The fatigue life of steel, i.e., the ability of steel to be loaded repeatedly without failure, is directly related to the stress in the steel under load. Con Forms consistently tests the reliability and lifetime value of our products in our custom burst testing facility.

Weld Quality


Weld quality is an evaluation of various technical features of the weld including size, fusion, penetration, shape, heat affected zone, undercut, inclusions and porosity.