Spider 18-3 & 16-Z Placing Booms

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  • Unit equipped with Con Forms Ultra III boom kit (85 bar)
  • 150 bar Con Forms boom kit available
  • Built with STRENX 700 MC high quality steel
  • HAWE hydraulic valves / HBC radio remote control
  • Siemens electrical motor / Siemens and Schneider electrical equipment
  • Fuel source: electric with additional gas or diesel options
  • Hydraulic pump is Rexroth/Eckerle
  • Rotational range is electronically limited to 360° for safety
  • Industrial grade paint available in many colors


  • Engineered to Con Forms’ standard of excellence
  • Every unit is CF quality inspected and enhanced
  • Audited to meet ASME regulation and CPMA certification
  • Con Forms stocks wear and replacement parts
  • Con Forms provides full engineering support
  • CE certified for electrical, noise, controls, and equipment safety