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red Triangle pico



The Second Avenue Subway services approximately 200,000 daily riders and is currently undergoing the biggest expansion of the New York subway system in 50 years. Further developing this subway line held many challenges because typical concrete delivery solutions like a boom or tunnel placer wouldn’t work in the limited space provided for the job.  The contractor turned to Con Forms to develop a custom concrete placer that would quickly and efficiently pour the main concrete base through miles of subway tunnel.

Con Forms engineers worked closely with the customer to develop the custom RailCart Placer seen here.  The unit is composed of 4 main components:

  • Scissor Carts: Over 100 feet of scissor carts which expand and contract like an accordion as the main RailCart moves down the tracks. Each scissor cart is fitted with abrasion-resistant concrete pipe that allows the flow of concrete through the system to the main placing component.  The system is fed by a concrete pump at the end of the tunnel.
  • Boom Utility Cart: This cart receives concrete from the scissor cart system and feeds it into a hopper for distribution. It also stores all necessary equipment for operators on site, including numerous work boxes and water tank/pressure washers for cleanout after daily pours.
  • Hopper Cart: The hopper cart is fed by the boom utility cart and evenly distributes concrete on either side of the rail as it moves down the lined. You can see the delivery components towards the bottom which ride along both sides of each rail.  The hopper cart also includes the generator and drive controls for the whole unit, which allows it to move independently through the tunnel.
  • Finishing Cart: This cart has 4 platforms on which laborers will kneel to level the placed concrete with hand-trowels as the RailCart moves forward. All carts are equipped with LED lights for increased visibility for laborers in the dimly lit subway tunnels.

The custom RailCart placer has proven to be very successful in its ability to place the concrete throughout the tunnels with maximum efficiency.  It reduces labor and downtime, decreases potential for injury, and increases productivity.  The machine has already completed miles of track on the project and is still being used on the expansion today.


The CF Bridge Deck Spreader (concrete placing equipment) provides a method of distributing concrete on bridge decks that are not accessible by other means of concrete delivery. The Bridge Deck Spreader provides a 360 degree articulating two-stage boom that provides maximum maneuverability for the accurate placement of concrete. Sectional truss systems are available in width combinations from 43’ to 60’ with standard boom reach of 32’.

Custom placers for specific applications are available upon request. Please consult factory.The boom of the Bridge Deck Spreader is self-contained on an adjustable truss system. The truss assembly is fitted with bogies that provide the Bridge Deck Spreader the freedom to travel on the screed rail and not interfere with the steel reinforcement already installed on the bridge deck. Custom hydraulic features can be added to provide
maximum productivity.