Manual Column Shutoff Valve

The column shut-off valve is designed for use on forms having flat or curved surfaces. Round forms of usually small diameters may require modified base plates. The standard base plates provide multiple mounting holes, as shown in picture. Typical spacing is 8-10 feet maximum between valves. Forms must have sufficient opening at the top to prevent uplift of forms. Maximum rated working pressure of V50CSD is 200psi (14 bar). Consult factory for details and ratings of other sizes.

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size
V20SSCSD 2.0 / 50.8 Single sided, Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V25CSD 2.5 / 63.5 Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V25SSCSD 2.5 / 63.5 Single sided, Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V30CSD 3.0 / 76 Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V30SSCSD 3.0 / 76 Single sided, Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V40CSD 4.0 / 102 Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V50CSD 5.0 / 125 Hevi-Duty™ Ends
V50CSM 5.0 / 125 Metric Ends
V60CSD 6.0 / 152 Hevi-Duty™ Ends

Product Features