Hydraulic Double Diversion Valve

The versatile DN125/5 CF Hydraulic Double Diversion Valve works as a push pull operation. The push pull is done by two 4” bore 12” stroke hydraulic cylinders. A manually operated hydraulic directional control valve is mounted on the unit. Two replaceable, hardened steel rings provide a seal between the 1-1/2” thick valve plates. Pressure of hydraulic control system cannot exceed 2500psi (172bar).The diversion valve body is rated at a nominal concrete working pressure of 1500psi (103bar) (3:1 SF ) when new. The valve can be operated as a double diversion valve; one inlet,two outlets with a clean out port for each outlet, or a double diversion valve; with one inlet, a priming port and two clean out ports, a stop plug may be installed into the shorter pipe on the double flange assembly to deadhead the line in one position. Valves that use 148mm ends have a maximum pressure rating of 85bar (1233psi).

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size
Working Pressure
bar / psi
End Type Description
V50HYDDD 5.0 / 125 103 / 1500 Hevi-Duty™ ---
V50HYDDEF 5.0 / 125 103 / 1500 Schwing Male/Female ---
V50HYDDZX 5.0 / 125 103 / 1500 Putzmeister ZX Male/Female ---
V50HYDDDT 5.0 / 125 103 / 1500 Hevi-Duty™ 3 Outlet Ports

Product Features