Hydraulic Diversion Valve

The versatile DN125/5 CF Hydraulic Diversion Valve can be set-up to operate in two different modes. As a switcher valve, it can be used in set-ups where one concrete pump is feeding two placement lines. Using this technique, a smooth and quick conversion can be made from one line to the other to increase the concrete placing capacity and flexibility of the entire system. As a Shut-Off Valve, the hydraulically powered switcher valve is installed in the horizontal placing line at the base of the vertical rise to shut off the line. The line from the pump is connected to one of two inlet ports. The other inlet is then fitted with a cap or piped to a designated area for concrete disposal. The outlet port is connected to the placing line system. The concrete filled line can then be hydraulically switched to the side with the cap, thereby holding the vertical head of concrete while the pump is stopped. Valves that use 148mm ends have a maximum pressure rating of 85bar (1233psi).

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size
Working Pressure
bar / psi
End Type Description
V30HYD 3.0 / 76 172 / 2500 Hevi-Duty™ ---
V50HYD 5.0 / 125 103 / 1500 Hevi-Duty™ ---
V50HYD-HP 5.0 / 125 172 / 2500 Hevi-Duty™ ---
V50HYDT 5.0 / 125 103 / 1500 Hevi-Duty™ 3 Outlet Ports
V60HYD 6.0 / 152 Consult Factory Hevi-Duty™ ---
V60HYP 6.0 / 152 Consult Factory Putzmeister ZX Male/Female ---

Product Features