Twin Cylinder Boom Tip Shut-Off Valve

The Twin Cylinder Boom Tip Shut-Off Valve can drastically reduce the chance for hose whip. A very dangerous situation in concrete pumping. By stopping the flow of concrete at the boom tip, air simply doesn't build up between the sections like it can without the valve. Hose whip is the leading cause of serious injury on the job site while pumping concrete. When you eliminate that risk you have a much safer pour.


  • Shuts off concrete flow automatically when the pump is stopped, allowing the operator to focus on running the pump
  • Minimizes plugging caused by free falling concrete in the line while minimizing the amount of air trapped in the boom system, both are a major cause of hose whipping when restarting the pump
  • Valve is compact enough to fold up the boom without removing the unit
  • Will not damage boom hose, mounts after last tip elbow
  • Rebuildable

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Description
147-22531 12V Boom Shut-Off Valve Kit
147-22530 24V Boom Shut-Off Valve Kit