Air-Cuff™ Shutoff Valve

  • Cycle time of 4 seconds eliminates spill and waste
  • Fits all 3" through 5" diameter discharge hose
  • Eliminates the need to kink and wire hose at the tip
  • Operates from truck's air supply
  • Can be operated by hand held remote control or integrated into pumps control box
  • Consult factory for details
  • Includes Air Cuff™, remote and fittings for complete installation
  • Safe alternative to hose kinking

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Description
V50ASC-MAN Manual Air Cuff™ Kit
V50ASC-12R 12 Volt Air Cuff™ Remote Controlled Kit
V50ASC-24R 24 Volt Air Cuff™ Remote Controlled Kit



Length 15"
Diameter 9.5"
Weight 21 lbs.
Max. Air Pressure 90 psi
Cycle Time 4 seconds