Hevi-Duty™, Metric, Swivel, and Flared gaskets.

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size Style
CG15J 1.5 Flared
CG15D 1.5 Hevi-Duty™
CG20J 2.0 Flared
CG20D 2.0 Hevi-Duty™
CG25D 2.5 Hevi-Duty™
CG30D 3.0 Hevi-Duty™
CG40D 4.0 Hevi-Duty™
SWG40 4.0 Swivel with Steel Ring
CSWG40D 4.0 Hevi-Duty™ Swivel Hard Plastic
CG50D 5.0 Hevi-Duty™
CVG50D 5.0 Hevi-Duty™ Cavity
529P09787L 5.0 Hevi-Duty™ Lubed with Tee Lip
SWG50 5.0 Swivel with Steel Ring
CSWG50D 5.0 Hevi-Duty™ Swivel Hard Plastic
CG60D 6.0 Hevi-Duty™
SWG60 6.0 Swivel with Steel Ring
CSWG60D 6.0 Hevi-Duty™ Swivel Hard Plastic
CG70D 7.0 Hevi-Duty™
CG80DX 8.0 Hevi-Duty™
CG148M 148mm Metric
CG148MD 148mm Metric to Hevi-Duty™
CVG148M 148mm Metric Cavity
529P09346X 148mm Metric Swivel Lubed

Recomended Components