ConForms Pressure Gauge

Conforms pressure gauge can easily be installed in a pumping system allowing you to measure actual concrete pressure. Simple design uses a "buffer" of grease to protect the gauge from the wet concrete. Simple daily maintenance with a grease gun is all that is needed to keep the gauge operational.

  • Run on the deck of your pump to show the effect of different mix designs
  • Record effects of new mix designs and how additives affect pumping pressures
  • Protect against blowouts on high-rise and long horizontal pours

Product Features

  • Tattle Tale mechanical gauge that records maximum pressure until reset
  • Simple design that can be fixed even if the recommended daily maintenance is ignored
  • Available for use with any system dimension and weld end style
  • Read pressures up to 3000psi

Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Pipe Length End Style
PG20D 12" Hevi-Duty
PG20G 12" Grooved
PG30D 12" Hevi-Duty
PG40D 12" Hevi-Duty
PG50D 12" Hevi-Duty
PG48M 12" 148 Metric
PG60D 12" Hevi-Duty