Con Forms Presenting at OSM in October

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Con Forms Presenting AT OSM October 16, 2021

Con Forms is a founding member of the American Concrete Pumping Association and a proud sponsor of their annual OSM Conference. The 2021 OSM Conference is being held in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

The Con Forms team will be hosting an informational session on concrete placing pipe. Significant advancements have been made in both the output that concrete pumps can deliver and the line pressures they can develop; the pipeline capabilities must match the pump capabilities.  As one of the leading manufacturers of concrete placing pipe and accessories, Con Forms will provide tips as to how to get the most out of your pumping systems and parts, when they need replaced, and how to select the proper pipeline for your next project.

Additional topics the team will cover:

  • The differences between single-wall and twin-wall pipe and what pumping applications are best suited for each one
  • What factors you should use when determining the proper pipeline for a project
  • What pipe should you use on high-pressure projects?
  • “Heat treating” what it means and why it’s important
  • The significance of “CPMA Certified” and why maintaining compliance with the ASME B30.27 Safety Standard will help protect your bottom line

A concrete pumping system is only as strong and reliable as the sum of its parts. Ensuring that each component of your placing system can withstand the stress and pressures required to pump concrete goes a long way towards giving you the assurance of a safe and successful pour.

This is an event we look forward to taking part in each year.
Are you attending OSM?  We’d love to connect, stop by and meet the Con Forms team.