When air gets into your boom from stopping and re-starting a pumping operation it opens the door for hose whip. Hose whip is one of the most dangerous situations a pump operator can face on the jobsite. It happens when air is compressed between sections of concrete and then released at the discharge hose with great force.

Truth is…hose whip kills people.

Con Forms has always been driven by safety. It’s truly important to our customers, and it’s the reason we invented the boom tip shut off valve. Over the last two years we’ve put this product out there and had some great response to the concept and design. The shut off valve isn’t the least expensive option but it is an option that lasts and lasts, just like Con Forms pipe and elbows.

We want this product on boom pumps because it can save lives, what’s more important than that?

Which is why we are offering the boom tip shut off valve as a special fall promotion:

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Get $1,000 parts credit for each boom tip shut off valve that you buy, no limit! Make all of your pumps safer and protect your operators, they are the lifeline of your business.

Special offer valid 11-01-2016 through 12-31-2016. $1,000 credit for parts only, on seperate future order.