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CON FORMS at World of Concrete

COME SEE WHAT WE’RE ALL ABOUT AT WORLD OF CONCRETE!  Register for World of Concrete, the largest annual international event dedicated to concrete and masonry professionals. Leave with the core knowledge and latest equipment you need to win more jobs and strengthen your business. This is your world. ABOUT WOC: Introduced to the commercial construction industry…

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Quick Ship Hose

NEW!! CONFORMS now offers QUICK-SHIP HOSE! Qualifying hose will be shipped next business day when ordered before 8 a.m. CST.Limited to a quantity of 5. Restrictions apply, please call the Conforms sales team for more information. 1-(800)-223-3676 VIEW PRODUCT DETAILS

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Ruff Neck Reducing Boom Hose

Con Forms’ new 5″ to 3″ Ruff-Neck™ Reducing Hose has been engineered for enhanced control of concrete flow. The result is easier filling of forms and block, with less splatter. The hose’s streamlined shape reduces plugging while delivering a smooth, consistent concrete flow that can make ICF blowouts a thing of the past. Plus, with…

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Spider 18-3 & 16-Z Placing Booms

QUALITY & MATERIALS Unit equipped with Con Forms Ultra III boom kit (85 bar) 150 bar Con Forms boom kit available Built with STRENX 700 MC high quality steel HAWE hydraulic valves / HBC radio remote control Siemens electrical motor / Siemens and Schneider electrical equipment Fuel source: electric with additional gas or diesel options…

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Fabric Air Cuff Hose Shut-Off Valve

COST EFFECTIVE: Sleek new fabric design is 17% less expensive. SAFE: Fabric structure promotes safety, unit meets CPMA standards. LIGHTWEIGHT: Incredibly mobile, Air Cuff only weighs 8 lbs.   VERSATILE: Remote controlled or integrate into truck controls. Air Cuff is for use on all booms, works with 3″ to 5″ hose.   DURABLE: Air Cuff can be left installed on…

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