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System DN125/5
Wall Thickness 4.8mm/.188”
Heat Treatment Induction hardened
Hardness Up to 57HRc
Max Working Pressure 85 bar (1233 psi)
Pipe Weight 10.1 lbs/ft (15 kg/m)
F.W.C. Weight 29.5 lbs/ft (43.9 kg/m)

Product Description

cosa sono le option trading Our Ultra III system is an induction hardened single-wall pipe that utilizes CCI-lined (chrome carbide) weld ends for added pipe end protection. Ultra III systems will match up best with cast manganese elbows, backend kits and hardened steel reducers.

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Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Length
Shipping Weight
lbs. / kg.
B4873937MH 39.37 1000 37 / 17
B4877875MH 78.75 2000 70 / 32
B487B812MH 118.12 3000 103 / 47
B487F750MH 157.50 4000 136 / 62
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  • Ultra III Deck Pipe
  • Cast Manganese Elbows
  • Hardened Steel Reducers
  • Hardened, Cast Steel Backend Kit
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