Manual & Hydraulic Krete Placers – Concrete placing equipment


  • Heavy duty swivel bearing
  • Double swivel boom for precise concrete placement
  • Manufactured counterweights
  • Pin type vertical leg adjustments
  • 5″ Hevi-Duty™ delivery system


The Con Forms Krete Placer (concrete placing equipment) is designed to bridge the gap between the expense of a concrete placing boom and the manual labor of dragging hose. Standard units are available with boom reach radii of 32’, 40’, 60’ and 70’. The design of the CF Krete Placer provides easy portability to and from the job and requires minimum labor for installation. Features include 360 degree articulating two-stage boom providing maximum maneuverability for the precise placement of concrete. The features of the CF Krete Placer, are further enhanced through a variety of accessories including casters, rail systems and hydraulic powered radio remote controlled boom options. Con Forms Krete Placers are customizable units, ideal for placing concrete on decks and high-rise projects. Custom placers are available upon request. Please consult factory.

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Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size Description
DP5032 32’ Manual Version
DP5040 40’ Manual Version
DP5040-STD 40’ Manual Version
DP5040HYD-2-COM 40’ Hydraulic Powered Version
DP5040HYD-3-COM 40’ Hydraulic Powered Version
DP5060-STD 60’ Manual Version
DP5060HYD-2-COM 60’ Hydraulic Powered Version
DP5070-STD 70’ Manual Version
DP5070HYD-2-COM 70’ Hydraulic Powered Version
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