Lay-Flat Tip Hose


  • Meets/Exceeds ASME Requirements
  • 1/3 the weight
  • Operator Friendly
  • More consistant flow at lower placement rates
  • Ease of pour in tight areas
  • Bright color for visibility and safety
  • Superior resistance to weather and aging
  • Cleans up easily
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The Lay-Flat hose allows for improved flow control and lower placement rates than standard concrete boom tip hoses. Ideal for ICF forms, columns and tall walls where space is at a minimum. Con Forms meets or exceeds strict safety regulations such as the North American ASME B30.27 2009.

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Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Length End Type Dry Weight F.W.C. Weight
H40LF10D1A 10 ft. Hevi-Duty™ 24 lbs. 180 lbs.
H40LF12D1A 12 ft. Hevi-Duty™ 26 lbs. 214 lbs.
H40LF15D1A 15 ft. Hevi-Duty™ 30 lbs. 264 lbs.
H40LF20D1A 20 ft. Hevi-Duty™ 36 lbs. 348 lbs.
H40LF25D1A 25 ft. Hevi-Duty™ 41 lbs. 432 lbs.
H40LF10RM1A 10 ft. 148mm 36 lbs. 209 lbs.
H40LF15RM1A 15 ft. 148mm 42 lbs. 293 lbs.
H40LF20RM1A 20 ft. 148mm 48 lbs. 377 lbs.
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