Hold Down Clamp


Pipe hold down clamp and support. Custom clamps and sizes available upon request.

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Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size OD Wall Thickness Description
5XUC 2-1/4″ 11 gauge Clamp
3UCL-7/8 3-1/4″ 11 gauge Clamp
5UCL-7/8 3-1/2″ .25″ Clamp
48UCXL 5.236″ 7 gauge Clamp
5UCXL-5/8 5.5″ .25″ Clamp
5XUCXL-5/8 6.0″ .50″ Clamp
6XUCXL 6-5/8″ .31″ Clamp
170P17969 Support for all clamp sizes
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