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Gaskets Box Quantities

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Product Description

Box quantities of gaskets

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Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size Style Units per Box
CG15D-BX 1.5 Hevi-Duty™ 100
CG20D-BX 2.0 Hevi-Duty™ 100
CG25D-BX 2.5 Hevi-Duty™ 100
CG30D-BX 3.0 Hevi-Duty™ 100
CG40D-BX 4.0 Hevi-Duty™ 100
CG50D-BX 5.0 Hevi-Duty™ 100
CG60D-BX 6.0 Hevi-Duty™ 50
CG148M-BX 148mm Metric 50
CVG148M-BX 148mm Metric Cavity 50
529P09346X-BX 148mm Metric Swivel Lube 50
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