CCI-Lined Schwing Backend Kit



  • DN125/5 CCI-Lined elbow
  • DN150/5.75 – DN125/5 CCI Lined reducer
  • DN150/6 90° CCI-Lined elbow
  • DN180/150 CCI-Lined reducing elbow
  • Weld Ends: Steel with chrome carbide insert


Chrome Carbide Lined Backend Kit for Schwing pump trucks. Other reducer lengths, elbow bend angles and end styles are available upon request. Harsh mix configurations are also available, consult factory.

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Factory Part Numbers

Part Number Size
265M10491 DN125/5 45° CCI-Lined Elbow
120-11475 DN150/6 – DN125/5 63″ lg. (1600mm) CCI-Lined Reducer
265-11045 DN150/6 90° CCI-Lined Elbow long tangent
265-10549 DN150/6 90° CCI-Lined Elbow short tangent
265-09505 DN150/6 90° CCI-Lined Elbow no tangent
265-13351 DN180/7 – DN150/6 CCI-Lined Reducing Elbow
265-11019 DN180/7 14° CCI-Lined Hopper Elbow
187P15197 CCI Rock Valve Outlet Liner
204-18672 DN150/6 Adjustable Ball Stop and Grout Port Cap
204-17407 DN180/7 Hinge mount plate for 7 to 6 Elbow (127P17298)
265-17298 DN180/7 – DN150/6 CCI-Lined Reducing Elbow with offset
265-17173 DN150/6 Break-out Straight section (male to female) ends
265-09505 DN150/6 90° CCI-Lined Elbow: no tangent
120-13684 DN150/6 – DN125/5 59.06″ lg. (1500mm) CCI-Lined Reducer
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  • Twin-Wall™ Boom Pipe
  • Ultra Plus Boom Pipe
  • Twin-Wall™ Deck Pipe
  • CCI-Lined Deck Pipe
  • Ultra Plus Deck Pipe
  • CCI-Lined Elbows
  • CCI-Lined Reducers
  • For Couplings consult factory
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